MedPro Sonair Ultrasonic Mesh Nebulizer

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The Sonair™ nebulizer uses ultrasonic mesh technology to turn liquid medication into an ultra-fine mist that permeates the lungs to deliver medication quickly and effectively:

· Easy to use: Sonair is designed to for one hand, one touch operation.

· Compact and Portable: small and light, Sonair fits easily in a purse or backpack. Now you have the freedom to access to your medication wherever you go; at home, at work or even when travelling!

· Ultra-silent: whisper silent operation allows you to use discreetly, anywhere.

· Auto shut-off: Sonair can be set for 10-minute treatments and automatically shut off.

· Rechargeable: Sonair uses a lithium-ion battery and is USB rechargeable (cable included).

· Tubeless and Cordless design: offers relief wherever you may be.

· Works with most medications: performance may vary based on medication used such as suspensions or high viscosity. Consult our FAQ section online or speak with your healthcare professional team for more information.


The Sonair nebulizer kit includes: 1 adult and 1 child mask, mouthpiece, USB cable, accessory bag, quick start guide and instruction manual.

Read Quick Start and Cleaning Instructions before using your Sonair Nebulizer
Quick Start and Cleaning Instructions (pdf file)

MedPro Sonair Ultrasonic Mesh Nebulizer Video


How does an Ultrasonic Mesh Nebulizer work?
Ultrasonic nebulizers such as Sonair use high frequency (ultrasonic) sound waves to create a vibration that breaks down or nebulizes liquid medication into a fine mist. As the liquid passes through the holes in the mesh, the vibrating action converts the liquid medication into aerosol form for easy inhalation into the lungs.

What are the benefits of an Ultrasonic Mesh Nebulizer?
Mesh Nebulizers are ultra-quiet, compact, and portable so they can be used discreetly and easily wherever you may be.

Nebulizers are especially effective at delivering respiratory medication for infants, young children and the elderly. To be used correctly, they require less training than inhalers and may be more helpful and easier to use for people who have trouble using an inhaler, for people during a COPD attack or when a large dose of medication is required to be inhaled.

Other delivery methods such as inhalers perform the same function however, they require hand-eye coordination, the ability to push the trigger and the ability to breathe in deeply, hold it in and

exhale slowly to give the medication time to work its way into the lungs. This risks inadequate delivery of the medication If the person does not have the cognitive ability or if applied incorrectly.

Mesh Nebulizers on the other hand require less training to use and allow you to breathe normally while the medication is converted into an aerosol and delivered into the lungs. For many people, this provides and easier, more comfortable, and more effective experience.

Is Sonair™ use contraindicated with any medications?
Yes - Sonair™ should not be used with Pentamidine - Patients with Pulmonary Edema, Acute Asthma, and Acute Pulmonary Infarction Episodes should not use Sonair.

Can Ventolin (salbutamol) be used for nebulization?
Yes - Ventolin (salbutamol) has been tested and is ok to use.

Can Sonair be used with Pulmicort?
Yes - Pulmicort was tested and can be used with Sonair™.

Can Sonair be used for Sputum Inductions?
Yes, Sonair™ can nebulize hypertonic saline solutions for sputum inductions (diagnose tuberculosis and other lung infections)

What is the maximum medication capacity?
10 ml.

Is there a minimum medication quantity requirement?
Yes, the minimum quantity should be at 0.5 ml in order for the medication to have contact with the mesh.

Are the MedPro Compressor and Sonair™ Ultrasonic Mesh Nebulizers compatible with DMSO?

During nebulization should you be seeing any condensation when using Sonair?
No, you should not be seeing condensation. When the mesh is not cleaned properly after each use, the micro holes get blocked and that causes condensation. To avoid this, please make sure to clean after each use following the cleaning instructions.

Instruction manual (pdf file)


Free Shipping on Eligible Orders
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