Jonathan Dankner

Jonathan Dankner

Vice President Operations

Jonathan Dankner is the Vice President Operations of A.M.G. Medical Inc. He joined the company in 1991 as a Sales Representative. He transitioned to Purchasing in 1994. In 2004 he was promoted to Director of Sourcing and Supply and then promoted to Vice President in 2005. In 2015, he added responsibility for the A.M.G. Distribution Centre, Customer Service and Quality Control and was named Vice President of Operations.

With over 30 years in international purchasing, planning, logistics and warehouse management, Jonathan is among a small group of Canadian executives with over 25 years of on the ground business experience in Asia. This has enabled him to develop excellent relationships with manufacturers leading to strong, lasting partnerships, many of which continue to provide AMG with a competitive edge.

Throughout his career, Jonathan has been intimately involved in systems and process implementation, an area in which he takes great interest. During his early career with A.M.G., Jonathan’s work in sales management gave him a keen understanding of customer and user needs, which, along with his outgoing personality and energy have served him well over the years. Given how A.M.G. Operations works so closely with customers, Jonathan plays a key support role to the sales team thereby helping to strengthen customer relationships while also enriching the decisions taken within the A.M.G. Operations team as well as with suppliers.

Today, Jonathan’s mission is to play a major role in executing the company’s Infection Control, Health Management and E-Commerce growth plans by ensuring that A.M.G. meets customer needs with cost competitive, quality products supported by efficient and effective operations practices that optimize stock availability, productivity, customer satisfaction and financial ROI. To achieve this, Jonathan aims to maintain A.M.G. Operations best in class sourcing, service and performance indicator levels by leveraging supplier relationships while optimizing and constantly improving the company’s procurement, warehousing and distribution systems.

Jonathan is bilingual and originally from Montréal. Prior to joining A.M.G., Jonathan held positions at Steinberg Inc. He also had entrepreneurial experience having owned and operated a home renovation business. In his free time, Jonathan enjoys coaching youth hockey.