Danny Meyers

Danny Meyers

Vice President Marketing

Danny Meyers is the Vice President of Marketing of A.M.G. Medical Inc. He joined AMG in 1982 and has been leading the marketing team since 1995.

Danny’s background in the creative arts and electronics along with a strong engineering aptitude, combined to develop a strong passion for product development, branding, communications and web development at AMG.

Danny has worked in many roles during his almost 40 years at AMG including sales and marketing. During this time, he pioneered in-house product servicing, graphic design, web design and E-commerce. He was also integrally involved, in the development of AMG’s first product catalogue and retail planogram, Dex4 glucose tablets, along with the MedPro, MedPro Defense, Physio Logic, ProActive, AquaSense, Airgo, Zorbi, FeverBugz and Ultra Block brands. Along with these achievements, Danny also has more than 20 patents for medical devices and home healthcare products to his name.

Today, Danny leads the AMG Marketing Team and remains highly involved in the development and marketing of AMG’s core products and brands. He is focused on growing sales and brand awareness by way of value-added, high quality Home Health Management, Diabetes Management, Infection Control and Waste Management products and brands that help add value to the lives consumers they serve.

Prior to joining A.M.G., Danny was a radio technician with the Canadian Armed Forces and went on to work as an electronics technician. Among his many interests, Danny also spends time as a musician and songwriter, playing numerous team sports but his main passion is in applying creativity and energy to his marketing leadership role.