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Video – The New Zorbi™ Height Adjustable Shower Commode ChairVideo – The New Zorbi™ Height Adjustable Shower Commode Chair

The first institutional commode fully integrated into the Zorbi™ Hygienic Bags and supports.
This is the newest member of the MedPro Defense® Waste Management System.

Instructionnal Video on the DermaFRESH™ Bathing Gloves and Bathing SpongesDermaFRESH™ Bathing Gloves and Bathing Sponges Instructionnal Video

The cleanser in DermaFRESH is pH-balanced and gently exfoliates for softer, healthier skin. It’s as simple as this: just add one tablespoon of water to the glove’s striped side and rub to produce a handful of rich lather. Use the striped side to wash, then use the white side to dry. No rinsing required!

Haigh Solo Macerator Instructionnal VideoHaigh Solo Macerator Instructionnal Video

The Haigh Solo Macerator converts pulp and waste into fine particles allowing for standard disposal through the drainage system. It is specifically created for single patient rooms and isolation wards. No waste collection, and it minimizes opportunities for cross contamination.

Nocospray Disinfection System - Step by stepNocospray Disinfection System - Step by step

The Nocospray Disinfection System simplifies the disinfection process and eliminates the impact of personal bias. In these 3 simple steps the Nocospray can help your staff disinfect surfaces more effectively and efficiently within real-world time constraints.

ZORBI Bags - How to use VideoZORBI Bags - How to use Video

ZORBI™ bags and powder are a quick and convenient method of disposing liquid human waste while minimizing its contact with equipment or staff. All ZORBI™ bags contain a water soluble packet of ZORBI™ Super Absorbent Powder. In just 30 seconds, the super absorbent powder transforms up to 500 ml of organic liquids and waste into a gel, which locks in odours and reduces splashing. The bags can then be sealed and disposed of quickly and easily.

Nocospray Disinfection System - Helps you buy more timeNocospray Disinfection System - Helps you buy more time

The Nocospray Disinfection System allows you to disinfect a room with 3 simpler, unbiased steps. By automating the delivery process Nocospray can help you buy more time for your staff to focus on other activities.

Nocospray Disinfection System - Developed and tested to be effective in the real worldNocospray Disinfection System - Developed and tested to be effective in the real world

The Nocospray Disinfection System has been approved to kill multiple pathogens including C. difficile (spores), flu and MRSA on hard surfaces. This technology has been developed and tested in both the laboratory and real-world settings. This is important because when used correctly Nocospray can help you achieve significant disinfection results in the context of current realities.

Removing what the eye cannot see: Stop the train in its tracks.Removing what the eye cannot see: Stop the train in its tracks

The pathogens that cause HAIs travel easily from person to person, person to surface and surface to person. This video by the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham shows how easily, quickly and broadly pathogens travel. C.difficile, norovirus and influenza cells spread like passengers on a commuter train. A few get off at every stop … and stay. A disinfection method that works uniformly, is unbiased and easy to use, like Nocospray can help stop pathogens from boarding the next train.

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