MedPro Elastigrip Compression Bandages

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Compressive elasticated bandages ideal for a wide range of applications:

Orthopedic usage:

  • Use for support and aid in rehabilitation after removal of plaster casts and for joints in functional casts.
  • Helps to keep limbs warm after therapeutic massages.
  • Provides greater comfort for rheumatic conditions.
  • Ideal to support amputation stumps.
  • Recommended for treating work and sports injuries, sprains, bruises and dislocations.

Vascular applications:

  • Helps to relieve swelling and assists venous circulation for treatment of varicose veins.

Plastic surgery & traumatology:

  • Use for prevention and treatment of hypertrophic scarring, edemas and hematomas.
  • Helps to maintain medication and dressings in place following a mastectomy or reconstructive plastic surgery.

Elastigrip Compressive Elasticated Bandages - Line Sheet (pdf file)

A 118-580 Infant feet and arms 1.77” (4.5 cm)
B 118-581 Small hands and limbs 2.46” (6.25 cm)
C 118-582 Adult hands, arms, and thin legs 2.66” (6.75 cm)
D 118-583 Large arms and medium legs 2,95” (7.5 cm)
E 118-584 Large legs and small thighs 3.44” (8.75 cm)
F 118-585 Large knees and medium thighs 3.94” (10 cm)
G 118-586 Large thighs 4.47” (12 cm)
J 118-588 Extra large thighs, extra small trunks 6.89” (17.5 cm)
K 118-589 Small trunks 8.46” (21.5 cm)
KL 118-578 Medium trunks 9.84” (25 cm)
L 118-587 Large trunks 12.8” (32.5 cm)
M 118-579 Extra Large trunks 14.17” (36 cm)

* Unstretched. Actual width may vary slightly due to the effect of environmental factors
on product. Product length: 10.9 yd (10 m).

Photo: 118-581

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