MedPro Defense Latex Powder-Free Exam Gloves

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100 per Box, 10 boxes per case

• Biodegradable

Proven Barrier Protection
• Protect hands against bloodborne pathogens such as hepatitis and HIV, as well as bodily fluids.
• Offer superior tear resistance and stretch.
• Meet or exceed ASTM D 3578 requirements for barrier strength.

Low Protein
• Help to reduce the risk of Type I allergic reactions to latex.

• With 5 sizes to choose from, each user can find one that fits well.
• Choose between lightly powdered and powder free options.

• Manufactured in a ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and ISO 140001 certified factory.
• Meet stringent norms of medical quality.

Comfort & Sensitivity
• Offer superior elasticity for excellent fit.
• Powder free latex gloves are textured for enhanced grip and dexterity.
• Beaded cuffs reinforce glove strength and prevent roll down.

Gloves: Chemical resistance and barrier guide (pdf file)