Alternating Air Pressure Pump
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Alternating Air Pressure Pump

Control Flow

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The Alternating Air Pressure Pump is a popular solution for minimizing and preventing pressure sores and decubitius ulcers. This compact unit, CSA approved, features a hospital grade plug, an easy-to-use pressure control dial, an on-off switch, and a rippled air mattress made up of over 150 individual air bubbles that are inflated and deflated alternately by the control unit. The rippled air mattress is constructed from bacteriostatic medical grade P.V.C. and inflates to approximately 31" x 74" x 1 1/2" (78,4 cm x 188 cm x 3,8 cm).

• Power: 120V / 60 Hz
• 10-foot long SJT Power Cord
• Includes a 5 minute timer
• Pressure Range: 50-105 mmHg
• 2 standard air outlets (4/16")
• Air mattress


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