DermaFRESH Pre-soaped washing sponges
DermaFRESH Pre-soaped washing sponges
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DermaFRESH Pre-soaped washing sponges


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Packed: 24/bag, 100 bags/case

DermaFRESH single-use gloves and sponges significantly reduce the resources necessary to bathe patients, while still providing a dignified experience.

Both the gloves and the sponges are impregnated with a mild cleansing solution that is activated by a small amount of water (1 tbsp.), which produces a luxurious lather and requires no rinsing.

Both the gloves and sponges are made of soft fibers that let you gently eliminate dead skin cells and stimulate circulation. The cleansing solution is pH-balanced to the skin, which helps maintain its health and reduces the drying and irritation often seen with regular soap and water.

Instructionnal Video on the DermaFRESH™ Bathing Gloves and Bathing SpongesDermaFRESH™ Bathing Gloves and Bathing Sponges Instructionnal Video

The cleanser in DermaFRESH is pH-balanced and gently exfoliates for softer, healthier skin. It’s as simple as this: just add one tablespoon of water to the glove’s striped side and rub to produce a handful of rich lather. Use the striped side to wash, then use the white side to dry. No rinsing!


DermaFRESH Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (pdf file)

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